Example of Silicone Rubber Heater Applications
Silicone rubber heaters have been used as equipment or in facilities in all industries.
Tank insulation, anti-freezing protection for oil tanks and pumps, moisture prevention in motors and generators, heat sealing for paper and plastics, hardening for laminating machines, dispenser and adhesive, automatic food vending machines, thermal insulation boards, dental units, beauty equipment, inspection benches in hospitals, movable food carts, physical and chemical equipment, hot plates, prevention of freezing and insulation of various measurement instruments in cold regions, pre-heater for welding metal, heating of thermal shrinkage tubing, freezing prevention of large antennas, heating board for clothes and plywood pressers, insulation of aircraft instruments, heating apparatus, burner vaporizing unit, freezing prevention of cement.
  Application to General Machinery and     Equipment
  Application for Electrical Equipment
  Application in Food Manufacturing
  Application for Medical Equipment
  Application for Precision Machinery
  Application in Leisure Industry

  Application for Physical and Chemical     Equipment
  Application for OA Equipment
  Application to Soil Improvement Plants
  Application for Maintaining Heat and     Solidification Prevention
  Application in Steel Structures
  Application for Textile Machinery
Application to General Machinery and Equipment
clothes pressers
Heating board for coated
plywood pressers
Heating board for
clothes pressers
Maintaining temperature for hydraulic cylinder of construction equipment in cold regions.
Pressing of resin film
Moisture prevention
in large silos
Moisture prevention in
the hopper of duct collectors
prevention at rice mills
Plywood press for guitars
Air release pipe and
heating of metal piping
Maintaining temperature in valve of  ready mixed concrete silos
Drying conveyor furnaces
Moisture condensation
prevention of steam glue removing units
Kitchen garbage processors
Pre-heating of sterilization tanks
Maintaining temperature in pump
Maintaining temperature in  hydraulic units
Application for Electrical Equipment
Prevention of mist on
camera lenses outdoors
Keep warm plate for coffee and tea
On-the-table soup kettles
Heating of round type hot plates
Application in Food Manufacturing
Moisture prevention on air cylinders
Defrost of photo-electric
sensors in refrigerators
Commercial-use soup kettles
Maintain heat in solar battery panels
Application for Medical Equipment
Stabilization of magnetic
field of MRI scanners
Maintaining heat of
water for medical equipment
Application in Leisure Industry
Maintaining temperature in ski lift chairs
Maintaining temperature of seats in capsules of observation capsules
Application for OA Equipment
Fixing of toner in high speed copiers
Thermal board for
book binding equipment
Application for Precision Machinery
Maintaining heat in
liquid injection dispensers
Application for Physical and Chemical Equipment
Hot plate for experiments
Application to Soil Improvement Plants
Sterilization of soil
(Screw conveyor)
Application for Maintaining Heat
and Solidification Prevention
Maintain heat in metal drums
Application in Steel Structures
Pre-heating of welding portions
Application for Textile Machinery
Drying of weaving machine moisture

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