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Hot Air HAP2000
  • High cleanliness and durability due to stainless      steel heater
  • Light weight and compact size
  • High-safety
  • Controller can be separated from the body.      Easy to build various devices in.
  • High durability.
  • Raising the temperature, heating or drying      of the inside of a drying furnace
  • Removing water or drying after cleaning
  • Drying or hardening attached electrical parts
  • Preheating or drying coated parts
  • Heating, sterilizing or unfreezing apparatus      used for food processing

  • The following functions are available upon request. For details, please contact us.

    Applicable models
     Reverse suction  opening  HAP2000F, HAP2000,  HAS2000
     Non-rated power  supply  HAP3000, HAP2000F,  HAP2000, HAP2000T,  HAS2000

  • If not used with a rated supply voltage, fire      or other accident may occur.
  • Any modification is not permitted.
  • Use in an explosive or inflammable      atmosphere is strictly prohibited.
  • Should pay attention to avoid pieces of      cloth or dust from blocking the suction      opening.
  • Demonstration model rental service
  • Maintenance service

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